The Colocation Survival Guide – Avoid Common Pitfalls And Costly Mistakes

Do Your Colocation Right!

Are you new to data center colocation and are getting ready to deploy for the first time? Or perhaps you are planning to expand your footprint in the data center. Whatever your project size or range of experience, our Colocation Survival Guide is likely to be an invaluable resource to help lead you through the maze of details and decisions you will face. It’s free to download, and highly recommended if you are deploying in a data center!

A Sample Of The Invaluable Information In The Guide
  • How to avoid the common error of over- or under-buying colocation resources
  • The counter-intuitive fact that causes most people to miscalculate their power needs
  • The little known rules in the National Electrical Code that you absolutely must be aware of to avoid trouble
  • Where providers have the most (and least) room to discount pricing
  • The surprising way that your billable bandwidth usage will most likely be calculated – very few people know this!
  • One major data center no-no that will land you in hot water with facility staff immediately, and an easy work-around
  • How federal laws can govern your colocation project, no matter how small it may be
  • Some surprising recurring costs that you may need to plan for
  • The biggest mistakes most first-timers make, and how to avoid them
  • Important details about physical access that will trip you up unless you are prepared
  • A very important business matter that is overlooked by way too many

… and much, much more. Our Guide takes you through the early stages of research and planning, to deployment and maintenance, to winding down and closing out a colocation deployment.

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Planning a colocation? This handy guide will help you avoid common pitfalls and easy (but costly) mistakes!

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