What Is Colocation – How Does It Work?

Racked servers in a data center
Racked servers in a data center

This primer endeavors to explain what Colocation is, and how it differs from Managed Hosting (i.e. shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting). Thus informed, you are better prepared to make a decision as to whether or not colocation is right for you.

We’ll assume you are in the market for a hosting solution, and maybe you already have a deployment or two with a hosting provider – or not. Either way, you are investigating this thing called colocation. What is it, exactly? Obviously, colocation has something to do with servers, websites and internet services, but how does it differ from the hosting that you already have, and what will you need to understand in order to shop, compare and deploy a colocation solution? Is colocation for you, or would another type of hosting be a better solution? How will colocation impact your costs and responsibilities? These are among the questions you must have answers to in order to make an informed decision.  This Colocation Primer is here to help you answer those questions.

Read on to learn all about colocation – when you have finished, you will have a good basic understanding of what colocation is, and why someone would choose colocation over a managed solution for their web presence project.